Meet The Team


Janet Manley

Janet founded ADL so she could work at home while her adopted daughter, the “Polish Princess,” was young.  One order led to another and now this thriving business is owned by the effervescent Angie.
When not working, you can find her at one of the many State parks riding her Peruvian Paso, Ranger, or twirling around the ballroom dance floor. 
Her best man is Bubba Rew, the “badass dog on duty” that you will find at the office.
Send her your favorite travel destination so she can add it to her bucket list.


Angie Renaud


  • Office DJ
  • Dad joke connoisseur 
  • Record setter for "most coffee consumed in one day"

Childhood Dream Job:

  • Fashion designer

Jenn Solomon
Embroidery Expert


  • Keeper of the bags
  • Operator of the machines
  • Professional board checker-offer
  • Record breaker for "waiting the longest to eat lunch"

Childhood Dream Job:

  • Nurse

Kristin Cicala
Graphic Artist


  • Food enthusiast
  • Design guru
  • Record setter for "most consecutive days eating soup"

Childhood Dream Job:

  • Teacher

Cassandra McEachran
Sales and Customer Service Specialist


  • Customer service ninja
  • Director of Lunch Fulfillment
  • Professional puppy spotter

Childhood Dream Job:

  • Disney animator

Bubba Rew
Chief Executive Pawfficer


  • Security patrol
  • Greeter
  • Quality control

Puppyhood Dream Job:

  • Food taste tester


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